AAOU2021 – Guidelines for Presentation Slides and Recordings

Oral Presentations

  1. The accepted abstracts will be presented in the conference by 10 minutes pre-prepared video presentations. Videos exceeding 10 minutes will not be considered due to time limitations.
  2. Five minutes discussion will be allocated after playing your presentation.
  3. Therefore, please make sure to be available for the scheduled.
  4. Submit the pre-prepared video presentations on or before 15th May 2021

How to record slides with audio using Microsoft PowerPoint

Kindly refer to the video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok0VlnZFZHM which will be helpful in preparing the recording of your presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Acceptable File Formats

  • The acceptable format of the presentation slides is .pptx created using Microsoft PowerPoint.
    • Kindly ensure the text and the graphics (including tables, figures, schematic diagrams etc) are presented with clarity.
  • The acceptable file format of the recorded presentation is .mp4
    • It is advised that the recording is done with minimal noise or such disturbances. This is mainly to ensure such that the recorded file will be of acceptable quality when it is played during the online parallel session.

Submission of Files

  • File names should be as follows.
    • For the recorded presentation - REC_PAPAER ID.mp4
      e.g. If PAPER ID = 123, the file name of the recorded presentation must be REC_123.mp4
    • For the slides - SLIDES_PAPER ID.pptx
      e.g. If PAPER ID = 123, the file name of the slides must be SLIDES_123.pptx
  • Both files: slides (.pptx) and the recording (.mp4) must be uploaded to the Google Drive folder LINK.
  • Files should be uploaded to the relevant Google Drive Folder. The Google Drive Link to this shared folder has already been notified via email to the relevant authors.
  • If the Google Drive Link cannot be accessed, kindly send both the files as attachments OR share the web-link to access those files via email to pres-aaou2021@ou.ac.lk.